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KABC Hall of Fame




Class of 2025 Hall of Fame Nomination Form Link:

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Class of 2025 Hall of Fame Biography Form Link:

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KABC Hall of Fame Class of 2024

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KABC Hall of Fame Class of 2023

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KABC Hall of Fame Class of 2022

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KABC Hall of Fame Mission: 

The mission of the KABC Hall of Fame is to recognize the state’s coaches and individuals* who, because of their outstanding achievements and dedication, have contributed immeasurably to high school baseball in the state of Kansas. 

*Being the inaugural year the KABC HOF committee members voted to limit to Head Coaches only. 


                 Don Hess, Manhattan                                         Mike Watt, Pittsburg Colgan

         Zach Shipley, Dodge City                                         Joe Allison, Blue Valley West

                       Dan Hypse, Jeff West                                          Chad Christensen, Maize South

Selection Criterion:

  1. Retired from coaching in Kansas. Head Coaches are immediately eligible to be nominated for the HOF the year after they retire.

  2. All nominees will be judged on their significant and/or long term meaningful contributions to Kansas high school baseball.

  3. Person of high moral character and contributor to his community. Demonstrated acts of contribution to the physical and

    personal development of his ball players.

  4. A combination of success in the following areas: Winning %; Post Season success; League success; Sending players to

    the next level; Coaching awards and recognition.


Nomination Process:

  1. Any current or past Kansas high school coach and/or administrator can nominate. 

  2. Each nominee must include the completed biography form*. Link:

  3. Nomination form(s)* must be submitted by September 1st each year. Link:


Selection Process:

  1. Each candidate must meet the affirmation vote of 75% to be inducted in the HOF.

  2. Hall of Fame Selection Committee will vote.

  • Don Hess, Manhattan   Zach Shipley, Dodge City   Dan Hypse, Jeff West

  • Mike Watt, Pittsburg Colgan    Joe Allison, Blue Valley West      Chad Christensen, Maize South

  • Heath Gerstner, McPherson* (KABC President)

  • Outside Voice - rotating member on a yearly basis.


Selection Guidelines:

  1. Nomination form and bio form will be made available on our KABC website and emailed out to KABC members. The deadline for both forms to be submitted is September 1st.

  2. The HOF selection committee will vote to narrow down the nominee list to no more than 10 coaches the first 2 years. In year 3, the number of nominee’s elected to the HOF cannot exceed 5 members.

  3. Once a head coach is nominated he is eligible for five years. He may then be re-nominated if not selected during those 5 years.

  4. Those selected (receiving the required 75% vote) will be notified by the 2nd week of November.

    • -  The Director is responsible to see that the proper plaques are ordered for the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

      (Photograph should be included with nomination if possible)

    • -  The KABC will prepare a press release to be distributed to the inductees’ local newspaper as well as the major

      Kansas news media sources.

    • -  Induction of members into the Hall of Fame will take place at the annual KABC Winter Clinic awards banquet

      each January.



  1. Nomination and Bio forms are due to the KABC by September 1st each year.

  2. Selections will be made by October 1st each year .

  3. Notification of those selected to Hall of Fame will be made by no later than the 2nd week of October.

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